The BMWCCV offers great opportunities each year to get involved in grass roots motorsport.

See the Motorsport Championship Sprints – Dates & Results

Becoming involved in Motorsport enables you to:

  • Have fun and enjoy the impressive handling characteristics of your BMW
  • Learn and continuously improve your driving techniques and car control skills
  • Participate in Come and Try Days, Supersprints and Club competition events.

Motorsport events are:

  • Tightly regulated with safety a priority
  • Run under a Motorsport Australia licence (used to be CAMS)
  • Held at a number of venues and circuits including Sandown, Phillip Island, Winton etc
  • Supportive of and welcome all experience levels.

GETTING STARTED – ‘Come and Try’ Day

We recommend you attend a ‘Come and Try Day’ which:

  • Is non-competitive, untimed, no results are published, and no awards or prizes are given
  • Includes driving instruction and circuit familiarisation
  • Cars are released onto the circuit one at a time, enabling drivers to be spaced out and practice without too much nearby traffic
  • Has less stringent requirements – most standard road cars and a standard licence are acceptable
  • Other options to get you started include attending BMW Driver Training courses and having professional individual instruction.

NEXT STEPS – Supersprints

Sprints (now often called Supersprints) are entry level motorsport events that:

  • Are timed events where you compete with your own times
  • Are NOT races – cars do NOT compete door handle to door handle
  • Have cars released onto the circuit individually and spaced out around the circuit
  • Have drivers assigned to speed groups so new drivers and faster drivers have their track sessions at separate times
  • Require some extra car equipment such as a fire extinguisher

BMWCCV Club Motorsport Championship

Some Supersprint events are advertised as being part of the BMWCCV Club Motorsport Championship:

  • Championship events or rounds follow the same format as a Supersprint
  • To make the competition fair, cars are categorized into different classes and engine sizes
  • Points are awarded in each class to the best lap times achieved over the course of the day
  • See BMWCCV Club Motorsport Championship Rules


If you want to actually race, we can help you there too. A great option is E30 Racing.

coming-event racing



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Always read the Supplementary Regulations for each event!

  • Must be good condition
  • Have a tag showing it meets Australian Standards (AS1698 or equivalent)
  • Motorbike helmets are acceptable
  • The Club has helmets for loan and provides hairnets
  • Clothing must cover all limbs from wrists to ankles
  • Material must be non-flammable eg wool, cotton or denim
  • Footwear must be fully enclosed and flat eg leather or suede
  • Gloves are recommended

Most standard roadworthy cars are acceptable. To pass scrutineering, check:

  • Brakes and tyres are in good condition
  • Oil and fluid levels topped up, no oil or coolant leaks
  • Car must be completely empty – including the boot and glove box
  • Tyres must have metal valve caps
  • Battery triangle sticker affixed to show the position of the battery (often supplied)
  • Bonnet catches may be required – unmodified cars with front –hinged bonnets (made after 1973 are exempt).  Other cars need 2 independent catches or fasteners
  • On carbureted cars, each carb throttle valve must have an additional return spring to prevent the throttle sticking open
  • Glass headlights must be covered in adhesive clear film or taped
Fire extinguishers are usually NOT required for ‘Come and Try’ days but must be fitted for Supersprints.  Where specified, a 1 kg fire extinguisher must be mounted within reach of the driver, be secured by metal fasteners and be less than 3 years old or service tagged.
  • ‘Come and Try’ participants can purchase a Motorsport Australia Level 1 (single event) licence.
  • Supersprint participants need to hold or purchase a Motorsport Australia L2S licence.
  • General Requirements for Cars and Drivers are detailed on the Motorsport Australia website.
  • Most circuits for most events enforce a noise level limit of 75 dBA
  • Most venues (but not all) have kiosks for food and beverage purchase
  • Fuel may be available at limited times
  • Prepare for all weather conditions – bring a jacket, sunscreen, hat and plenty of water.

Our BMWCCV Motorsport Committee:

  • Are all keen motorsport enthusiasts with many years experience
  • Enjoy encouraging and mentoring new participants and chatting with the more experienced drivers.
  • We look forward to seeing you at a future event.


Sandown Racetrack
Winton Motorway Racetrack
Phillip Island Circuit
The Bend track