The BMWCCV Committee are happy to answer any queries or receive any constructive feedback about all aspects of the Club.

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Jeff Murdoch

President: Jeff Murdoch

Vice President: Kevin Flynn

Secretary/ Public Officer: Hans Neilson 

Phil Logan

Treasurer: Phil Logan

Tony Whelan

Events Co-ordinator: Tony Whelan

Club Permit & Membership Officer: Rodney Smith

David Lumb

Motorsports Driver Training:
David Lumb

Editor/Advertising: Piebe van Houten

David Lumb

Loans Officer: Clive Milham 

General Committee member:
Tim O’Sullivan

General Committee member:
Jean Dominique Abraham

General Committee member:
Tahlia Nagy


BMWCCV Postal Address: GPO Box 1250, Melbourne VIC 3001

ABN: 57864045841

Incorporated Associations Register: A0045268J

BMW Car Club of Victoria Inc:

An official Member Club of BMW Clubs Australia and the BMW Clubs International Council.


The Club has:

  • Two Facebook pages (A Group page and a Club or ‘Like’ page)
  • An Instagram Account and also uses #BMWCCV
  • Two YouTube channels (Social event videos and Motorsport videos)
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BMW International


Almost 75 years after the first BMW car was built, BMW AG is on an unprecedented expansion course. The BMW Club community is also gearing up for the challenges of the future.

The new inter national BMW Club structure has been divided into three regional sections since 01/01/2004: Europe, America and Asia-Pacific-Africa. Within these sections, the individual BMW Clubs are grouped together in national and regional umbrella organizations. An international section has also been created for the BMW classic and type clubs, which is intended to preserve the historic value of the brand.

The club structure is now based more closely on the global BMW sales structure and the intention is to deliver more efficient cooperation and support for both sides. The new structure is also supposed to make it easier for individual clubs that are not members of the umbrella organisations to join up.

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BMW Clubs Australia is a member of the BMW Clubs International Council as the national association of BMW Car and Motorcycle Clubs in Australia bringing together BMW enthusiasts from all walks of life under the umbrella of our shared interest in the Marque. BMW Clubs Australia (BMWCA) are responsible for the recognition of new BMW clubs or questions about club or umbrella organisation matters. BMWCA, through your local club delegate, can also advise on how to organise club events, conferences or visits to BMW facilities and provide active assistance in redesigning emblems and publicity material.