At the BMW Car Club of Victoria we understand the importance of quality driver training. Regardless of our experience level, we all have something to learn.

To ensure the best learning experiences, we use professional driving instructors who are skilled in analyzing, explaining and demonstrating optimal driving techniques.

The fastest race competitors are not always the best teachers! Mum and Dad are not always the best instructors for novices!

Sometimes a person’s natural driving ability makes it difficult for them to see why some driving skills are not automatically known by others. So BMWCCV evaluate the professionals and only engage qualified experts.

Our professional driver training focus is on techniques, skill enhancement and driver awareness.

Courses cover a range of experience levels from novice through to advanced:

  • Theory and practical sessions on braking and braking distances, cornering, vehicle weight distribution, hazard awareness, safety, over steer and understeer, skid control
  • Defensive driving for everyday road use
  • Specific skills training such as skid control, circuit knowledge
  • Performance driving for high speeds whether your goal is to enjoy your car’s capabilities or to progress to competition events
  • Driver training is conducted either on real racetracks or specially designed training areas, so you can improve your driving within a safe and controlled environment.

Our driver training days are a great way to experience your vehicle’s capabilities in a safe, non-competitive environment with minimal wear on you vehicle.

All roadworthy vehicles are welcome on our training days – cars don’t have to be high performance, new or even a BMW.
A standard road licence is all that is generally required.
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Member discounts apply for Driver Training courses

Location: Sandown x8, Philip Island x2, Winton x2

  1. Program aims to improve driver awareness for everyday road use to reduce the risk of being involved in road accidents
  2. Great for beginners or as a refresher course
  3. The format combines Interactive classroom and controlled driving activities
  4. The course is limited to a maximum of 20 drivers


  1. This is a premium quality Performance Driver Training event focused on technique, skills and awareness improvements
  2. Maximum of 12 cars in your run drive group, so minimal traffic
  3. Pre and post session briefings
  4. 6 x 20 minute on track sessions
  5. 3 of those with professional ‘in car’ instruction